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Yeah. I said that. So?

A heart is a heavy burden

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make me choose :: Makishima Shougo or Ren Kouen asked by m-i-s-a-k-i

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Nishinoya Yuu for Annie. Happy Birthday!

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Haru and his scaredy-cat Makoto

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  Thanks for tagging me thug-seme-shota :)


1. Don’t have one really… my name is short so…

2. Blue-greenish

3. Light brown…. so dull

4. I read wayyy too much yaoi lol

5. Black

6. Berlin, I think… my family has a flat there. But I guess my room would be number 1.

7. Is Tachibana Makoto a celebrity?? REAL people uhm Lana del Rey is my goddess

8. Cats. 

9. I love most of Lana’s songs.. maybe born to die? or old money? west coast.. man I love them all… and Arctic monkeys do I wanna know.

10. Gosh I love books.. can’t name one fave… 

I’m not gonna tag people, sorry


                        D O M I N A T O R

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Precious Tōji Hisami. 


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